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Squeaky Kleen has been providing customers with a full range of laundry services since 2004. Now that we have moved to our new location, we have expanded our services to include a drive-thru for drop-off laundry.

We also provide pick-up and delivery service as part of our wash/dry/fold service for both commercial and residential customers in the Houma area. Minimum amount required to use this service.

Self-Service Laundry

Come in to Squeaky Kleen and do your laundry in a safe, comfortable environment. Enjoy the convenience of numerous washing machines and dryers in just the right size and an ATM machine to get the correct change.

We offer stainless steel folding tables positioned at a height that provides optimal support for folding and sorting your laundry. We also provide a range of machines with different capacities to fit your needs. These machines feature two well-known name brands, Maytag and Dexter that are reliable and provide quality results.

  • 4 Maytag 30 lb. washers
  • 2 Maytag 50 lb. washers
  • 6 Maytag front-load washers
  • 7 Maytag 30 lb. stack dryers
  • 2 Maytag 80 lb. dryers
  • 6 Dexter 20 lb. washers
  • 5 Dexter 30 lb. washers
  • 4 Dexter 60 lb. washers
  • 2 Dexter 80 lb. washers
  • 3 Dexter 30 lb. stack dryers
  • 4 Dexter 50 lb. stack dryers

With various sizes and styles of machines, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The smaller 20- and 30-lb. size washing machines are ideal for average loads of laundry. The 30-lb. washing machine handles comforters or larger loads effortlessly with plenty of room for the clothing to move around and get clean. Select the larger 60-lb. washing machines if you have multiple loads to do at once. These machines are large enough to handle larger comforters or up to four or five loads of laundry at once. Save time and money by choosing the machine that best fits your needs.

Wash and Fold Service

Don’t have time to do your laundry? Have other errands that you need to take care of? Drop off your laundry with Squeaky Kleen, the Houma area Laundromat, and we’ll take care of it for you. We wash, dry and fold your clothes and even do the ironing for an additional fee.

Don’t even get out of your car with our convenient drive-thru service. Just drop it off and tell us when you need it. We’ll have it ready for you the next day or request our express service for same-day service.

Pricing: Wash/Dry/Fold Price to $2.00 per lb

Pick Up and Delivery

Stay home and let us come to you. For a minimum charge, we will come to your home or work location and pick up your laundry. We will deliver it back to you once it is clean. Let Squeaky Kleen be your delivery laundry service.

Pickup & Delivery

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